Salade De Gésiers (Romaine and Red Onions In Tarragon Vinaigrette, With Chili Gizzards & Honey Garlic Yogurt)

> > > As loyal readers of ChefsOpinion, by now you know of my love of innards and lesser cuts of animals – feet, heart, necks, liver, tails, kidneys, tripe, marrow, tongue,etc. I fully understand that not everybody is a fan, but on the other hand, many people are. Today’s featured salad contains chicken gizzards, […]

Curried Gizzards, Herbed Potatoes & Frisse In Honey Mustard Dressing

, , “Sauteed Gizzards in curry cream with buttered, herbed yukon gold potatoes and frisse salad in honey mustard dressing” The verdict is out : I’ve got a new favorite chicken gizzard recipe, taking the #1 spot and pushing “Gizzard Adobo” to spot #2 🙂 What a great dish. Even if you are not a […]

” Stir Fried Rice Noodles, Gizzards & Vegetables “

> > Last Night’s dinner. Once in a while I need a gizzard fix 🙂 Bon Appetit ! Life is Good ! > To watch the video, click HERE > > >

Shrimp & Spinach

> > > Not too long ago, one esteemed member of our happy ChefsOpinion family mentioned that I prepare shrimp too often. While I understand that not everyone loves shrimp as much as I do (many folks do, though), 99.9 % of my posts show what Bella and I actually prepare and eat at home […]

Pasta Pearls, Bok Choy, Mollejas And Chillies In Ginger/Tamarind Broth

> > > Before you make a long face at the Mollejas (Chicken Gizzards), pls know that you can easily replace them with any other part of the chicken, such as breast, wings, tighs, etc. If you are not in the mood for chicken, many other proteins will work just as well, such as beef, […]

Salmon In Beurre Noisette With Beans & Carrots In Honey-Mustard Dressing

> > I pity  the folks who’ll never taste a properly cooked salmon 😦 What a shame to miss-out on he texture of salmon (as well as most other fish and seafood) which has been cooked the old-fashioned way: “Au Pointe”  – to the point (of being done) , perfect doneness. I have written about this a […]

Executioners Stew

> > Of  course you will wonder what possessed me to name this stew Executioners Stew – well, my thinking goes that if I would have one last meal before the executioner would step in, this would be the last supper I would request. While there are many things I would like to have for that […]

EASY DOES IT # 17 – Hans’ Homemade Buffalo Sauce

> > While  buffalo sauce is most famously used for chicken wings, I use my recipe for many other dishes, such as steak sauce, light coating for sautéed shrimp, sautéed vegetables, sautéed potatoes, etc, as well as fried foods such as  chicken hearts, duck gizzards, chicken wings ( pictured below). I also use it as a spicy […]

Braised Beef Ribs In Red Wine

> > ” Braised  beef ribs in red wine with potato gnocchi and vegetables in curry cream ” > I have prepared beef ribs in many different ways over the years, but , in my humble opinion, this preparation stands high above the rest. Just make sure you don’t skimp on the wine , both […]

Drunken Turkey Drum Stick

. . Usually  when I walk into a store to buy food, turkey does not stand in the forefront of my mind. Today I was looking for something like gizzards, trotters, necks, etc. But when I saw this beautiful piece of poultry, my mind was made up, decision made : Braised Turkey 🙂 . Turkey drums […]