Curried Shrimp With Potatoes & Garbanzos

  > Today, I like to share a dish with you that I have prepared in its basic version hundreds of times over the years. It is a “a la minute” dish, so it requires no prolonged cooking and can be prepared on short notice (a la minute) and in just a few minutes of […]

Spinach Wrap With Curried Garbanzos And Shrimp

> > Once  in a while I prepare for myself curried garbanzo beans (chick peas) as a snack. Today I took it a step further and gave the garbanzos the honor to be the center of this delicious culinary concoction. Quick and easy to prepare, it is a great dish to showcase to full advantage the […]

Morcilla And Garbanzos

> > Friday  night I had my good friend Curtis over for dinner. I made a dish which one usually would not think of serving to friends for dinner, unless they are Latino, Swabian, Austrian (or in any other way weird) 🙂 But honestly, serving Morcilla (Blutwurst, Blood pudding, Blood Sausage, Boudin Noir) to guests […]

” Braised Chicken, Garbanzos & Potatoes “

Enjoying a light, delicious and healthy soup for lunch. Cream cheese & parmesan raviolini, spicy veal meatballs, shrimp and broccoli rabe in chicken broth. Life is Good !   🙂

Crappy Weather Food – Beef, Beans And Other Stuff

> Hurricane season has finally arrived in Florida, and boy, has it ARRIVED 😦 While God has spared us a hurricane so far, we had constant rainstorms for the past two weeks, resulting in extensive flooding, turning many streets into rivers and parking lots into lakes. Hearty food is the partial answer to that misery, […]

Curried Garbanzo And Potato Wrap With Raita

> > Curried  garbanzos (chickpeas) are one of my favorite snacks. They are quick and easy to prepare and their heat (add as much chile flakes or cayenne pepper as you can handle) makes for a great snack when boring pretzels just won’t do. Today I prepared one of the hybrids of curried garbanzos I […]

Steak Salad – Just A Bit Different

> > We  have come to expect a steak salad to be mostly beef and greens, usually with an afterthought of a few cucumbers, tomatoes and onions thrown in. (Myself – guilty) 🙂 😦 So today I went into a different direction, with a salad of pickled artichokes, sliced red onions, diced tomatoes, black beans […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 53 – Burrito With Scrambled Eggs, Re-fried Beans And Avocado

> > Today’s  breakfast – another winner, easily whipped up in minutes.  (Assuming you have some leftover re-fried beans at hand). If you don’t, just replace the re-fried beans with sautéed red beans, black beans or even chick peas (garbanzos), seasoned with cumin, kosher salt cayenne, garlic paste and diced onion, which will only just add a […]