Salmon Fried Rice – 鮭チャーハン

: : : If you ever had a Japanese breakfast, you probably have enjoyed a slice of salted salmon. With it´s great texture and wonderful, mild flavor, it provides the perfect protein for a healthy breakfast. And, as you can see from the pictures on this page, it is the perfect protein for a light, […]

Seafood Fried Rice

> > > > > > Excerpt from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Fried rice is a dish of cooked rice that has been stir-fried in a wok or a frying pan and is usually mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, seafood, or meat. It is often eaten by itself or as an accompaniment to another dish. Fried rice is a popular component of East, Southeast and certain South Asian […]

Chinese Stir Fried Rice Sticks With Cabbage And Egg

> > > Sometimes, when I followed my daily cravings for seafood and meat for a while, a meat-less-and seafood-less dish is all I require for a proper meal. This dish ticks all the right boxes for me for a satisfying meal – Noodles/Cabbage/Eggs/Chili/Hoisin and Garlic, it’s all there, propped-up with a healthy dose of […]

Shrimp & Egg Fried Rice

> This is one of these dishes which, at least in my humble opinion, actually benefits from the usage of smaller shrimp, compared to the larger shrimp we usually prefer for a great dish. While you can make a perfectly wonderful fried rice with large shrimp, the smaller ones can be used in abundance for […]

Piri Piri Chicken With Portuguese Fried Rice

  Here  we have two beloved Portuguese dishes which are not typically recognized as Portuguese staples (rice) and chicken (piri piri chicken). Piri piri chicken is a favorite way of preparing chicken/poultry in most parts of Portugal, especially in Lisbon. I remember eating grilled chicken brushed with a spicy sauce in Lisbon way back in the seventies […]

Ultimate Beef Fried Rice

> > Yes.  I’ve said it – The Ultimate ! The Best !  # 1 ! Some of you might not agree with me, but I can tell you, chances are that this is the best beef fried rice you will ever come across. Period 🙂 It will certainly be different from the fried rice you’ll […]

Shrimp And Lap Cheong Fried Rice

> > Leftover rice – soup, congee or fried rice ? – that was the question ! 🙂 Well, this time the decision came easy because I also had a few slices of cooked ham and a few small shrimp in my fridge, along with some peppers and fresh eggs. And besides, I’ll have a good fried […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 31 Shrimp And Lap Chee Fried Rice

> > This  is one of my easy stand-by recipe’s. Whenever I have leftover rice from the previous day, it usually becomes breakfast the next morning. It takes about ten minutes to prepare, so it’s no sweat at all in the morning 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Have A Great Sunday ! > > > […]

Chinese Salt & Pepper Scallops With Egg Fried Rice

> > This  was one of Maria’s favorite dishes. Whenever we went to have chinese food at a restaurant or when she wanted to have something special at home, she would ask for salt & pepper scallops or salt & pepper shrimp. So, enjoying this meal tonight was a bittersweet affair. I really loved the […]

Imperial Fried Rice

> > Time to get excited about  fried rice 🙂 No, not the cabbage and soy sauce laden one you get for two bucks at your corner chinese restaurant. No, I am talking about  my treasure chest of a fried rice which has a whole bunch of goodies in it. Each one (shrimp,chicken, lap cheong, ham, eggs, vegetables), fried […]