Faux Chicken Biryani

> > It looks like biryani. It tastes like biryani. It smells like biryani. Alas, it’s not biryani. As usual when I cook for Bella and myself, a few days ago I cooked too much jasmin rice. The next day, my usual train of thought at first led me to either one of two leftover […]

The Ultimate (Faux) Tandoori Chicken

> > > Excerpt from Wiki: . ” Tandoori chicken is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent. It is widely popular in South Asia particularly India and Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Western world. It consists of roasted chicken prepared with yogurt and spices. The name comes from the type of cylindrical clay oven, […]

Faux Lasagna

> > A good Lasagna is a wonderful dish. Ideally it is very flavorful and dripping with the goodness of rich ingredients. It is a sumptuous and satisfying dish that usually leaves nothing to be desired – unless you are looking for texture. After all, besides the crispy corners of the baked marvel, there is just […]

FO FO (Faux Pho)

> > I figure,  as long as my soup is made of rich beef or chicken stock, has rice noodles, fish sauce, herbs and other vegetables in it, I can call it a Faux Pho (fake pho) 🙂 Yesterday evening I felt a craving for noodle soup but had no beef or chicken at hand, […]

Cheese And Potato Vareniki, With Spinach, Bacon and Tomato

> > I have to confess – I cheated when I prepared these Vareniki 😦 Instead of preparing the vareniki/pierogi dough fresh and rolling it into thin sheets before cutting, filling, folding and sealing it, I used 1 lb store-bought fresh pasta sheets and my trusted ravioli/pierogi-mold. Not necessarily because I am lazy (well, sometimes […]

London Broil

> While  you can use just about any flat cut of beef to prepare  London Broil,  “Teres Major” (or Faux Tender) was what I had on hand today. It was perfect for the cooking method of London Broil – VERY slowly broiled on both sides until rare, then rested for another 15 minutes, lightly covered, […]

Steak Salad Recipe # 91

> > Today’s  dinner salad was pretty special for me, because it contained six of my favorite food items – endive, pears, Gorgonzola, garlic, shiitake mushrooms and Entraña (faux hanger steak). While the shiitake might not seem a good fit for a salad at first glance, they turned out to be a perfect fit with the rest of […]

Can A Classical Dish Be Altered If The Name Clearly Indicates That The Dish Is ” In The Style Of… “

. . Dear Friend’s, Below find a few recent comment’s by passionate and no doubt competent chef’s. Some apparently look at thing’s more flexible then others, some might understand the context of a specific situation better than others (in this case, a lighthearted, food loving Blog by a chef who has probably seen it all […]

” So, Are You A Sucker Too ? “

. . Food’s Biggest Scam : The Great Kobe Beef Lie ! By Larry Olmsted on Forbes . These are cuts of the famous Kobe beef from Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Note the exquisite marbling of fat throughout. To see it in person, you need to go to Japan, because real Kobe beef cannot be […]