TODAY AT “CHEZ BELLA” – Scrambled Eggs & Bread

: : : Aaahhhhh, never judge a book by its cover, nor a dish by it´s name ! 🙂 If you do, you might have just past by this wonderful little dish, never to know what culinary gem is lurking behind its unassuming name. Which cook in the World would sink so low and be […]

Veggie Salad With Chanterelles & Poached Eggs

: : BUT FIRST, THIS : . : : One of the reasons I moved from Florida back to Germany (besides the Hurricanes) was the fact that I loathe Floridas heat and humidity ( Lets not even mention the traffic). On the other hand, here in Germany, while we are at the hight of summer, […]

Eggs In A Glass

: : : : : This is  THE  breakfast classic of Viennese coffeehouses, where it has been served for many generations. Usually, it is being served in a stemmed champagne cup, which originally invited the immature nonsense of comparing its appearance with the male anatomy. Although the two eggs with the long stem of the […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 72 – Fried Eggs And Bacon With Currywurst Sauce

: : : Now that I am back living in Germany again, there is always a jar with currywurst sauce in my fridge. I use this wonder sauce not only for traditional currywurst, but also on sandwiches instead of mustard and on other dishes, veggies, BBQ, eggs, etc. I admit that this looks a bit […]

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS # 70 – “Smoked Salmon & Fried Eggs On Sourdough Bread”

> > > Smoked salmon and eggs – what’s not to love ? I’ll just leave it at that and throw in the pictures. If these don´t hook you, all´s lost and you better find another passion. Food certainly is not your calling 🙂 > Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! > > > […]

Best ! Poached Eggs ! Ever !

> > > Some folks will cry out about the title of this dish, and (maybe) rightfully so. We don’t all prefer the same version of a dish, and even if we do, sometimes we long for a different rendition. So, pronouncing a dish the best is obviously very biased and only correct when applied […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 63 – Veal Blade Steak With Poached Eggs, Tzatsiki & Pita

> > > The  beautiful 2 lbs veal blade steak on this page cost all of $ 5.00. As soon as I got home, I felt like kicking myself not to have bought a few more to keep in the freezer to serve in the coming few weeks. While not the most tender of steaks, veal […]

Lunch Quickie – Smoked Salmon, Spicy Potato Salad And Sunny Side Up Eggs

When contemplating what to prepare for a combined breakfast/lunch today, I found that I had some leftover cooked potatoes, leftover “cebollas en escabeche” (escabeche de cebollas) and a packet of smoked salmon. Within less than 10 minutes, this gorgeous dish was ready on the table. Bella and I were happy and content, and cleanup was […]

Corkscrews, Shrimp, Bok Choy and Eggs

> > I recently  came across an article which proclaimed “Pasta actually makes you lose Weight”. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that ANY food I love (I love most 🙂 ) will make me loose weight, especially pasta. Why? Because if I love something, I consume it in excess quantities. But then, a lot of food […]

Beef Medallions, Gnocchi And Truffled Eggs

> > Gnocchi,  in a slightly different shape as the Italian version, are very popular in Germany, especially in the south – namely, in  Baden-Württemberg and Bayern. Our “Gnocchi” consist of the same basic ingredients, potatoes, flour and egg, but they are slightly different in shape -more elongated than the Italian version. We prepare them savory or […]