EASY DOES IT # 35 – Italian Sausages And Bell Peppers

> > > “Sausage & Peppers”  seem to be an American/Italian thing that most of us fail to enjoy and/or appreciate. And of course, there is a good reason……. Sausage and peppers are usually just an afterthought on Italian/American restaurant menus, often using inferior/leftover/stale ingredients, and therefore being treated as food for the fools 😦 […]

Easy Does It # 35 – Torrejas

> Like most groups of lovers of traditional, old and beloved dishes, Torrejas have their fans divided into two main parts: on one side of the fence you’ll find the traditionalist’s, who don’t want to change a thing and believe that only the original recipe and ingredients are worthy of  their love, and, on the other side […]

Easy Does It # 34 – Angel Cake With Vanilla Cream And Blueberry Compote

> > > I prepped  this beauty, and a few more, a couple of days before I took off for Germany, thinking that I can keep posting at least twice weekly while on the road. Oooops, that did not work out as planned. But, this here little gem deserves the extra time spent on the […]

Easy Does It # 33 – Brie and Capocollo Pie

> > As  I have mentioned before, I love to prepare my own pizza dough, pie dough, tortillas, fresh pasta, and a myriad of other things which are usually better (although not always) when home made. On the other hand, sometimes this is just not very practical or sensible, for example at times when there is […]

Easy Does It # 32 – Italian-Style Sausage and Peppers

> > This  dish proves once more that the simple things in live can give us great pleasure. Unfortunately, it can also proof that even the simplest thing can easily be screwed up. I have never ordered this in an Italian restaurant, but I remember well that Maria used to order it often and that […]

Easy does it # 31 – Mushroom & Gorgonzola Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes

> > And  the award for best twice-baked potatoes goes to………… No need to explain the virtues of this dish, just look at it and imagine it would be in front of you right now (anyone for a steaming, hot beauty ?)……….. 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > […]

EASY DOES IT # 30 – Cinnamon Roll And Fruit-Pudding

Dear  Friend’s, Although most of the followers of ChefsOpinion are culinary professionals, there is also a large segment of followers who are just starting to enjoy cooking on a slightly higher than basic level. I have therefore decided to publish, under the moniker “Easy Does It“,  from time to time some very basic recipe variations of dishes […]

Easy Does It # 29 – Home Made Chile Oil

> > You  might ask yourself what’s the point in making your own chile oil, since you can buy it everywhere? The simple answer is quality and heat-level, since you have control of the quality of the chiles you use as well as the quantity of seeds you incorporate, by buying your own Chinese Red Peppers.  (Or […]

Easy Does It # 28 – Banana-Walnut-Cake Pudding

> > So  I am walking down the “forbidden” cake-isle at Publix, heroically ignoring every sweet temptation that beckons, almost reaching the end of the line and – BANG – there it was, the most delicious looking banana-walnut cake loaf you can imagine. Now, from my ( past 🙂 ) experiences with the Publix bakery department, their […]

Easy Does It # 27 – Strawberry Croissant

> > While  I was shopping early this afternoon, I was nostalgically remembering the old German tradition of  “Kaffee und Kuchen”. In Germany and Austria, between lunch and dinner, there is traditionally a short break for a social gathering around a piece of cake or two (or any other Pastry) and a hot steaming cup […]