Chinese Pork Dumplings In Tamarind Broth

> > > Chinese dumplings in soup – there must be a thousand and one variations. Different stuffings, different shapes, different wrappers to enclose the dumplings, dumplings without wrappers (spherical), different broths/soups, thick soups, clear soups, different vegetables to include in the soups, etc, etc, etc. Then there are all the other Asian countries who have […]

Pork Soup With Pork & Leek Dumplings, Baby Bok Choy And Scallions

> > This will be my last meal in 2014. It fit’s the occasion of a New Years Eve Diner well for me, since I adore pork dumplings in soup and it is the perfect dish to devour while watching TV . Bella and I are spending the evening  watching movies and every hour on the hour the fireworks […]

Chicken & Scallion Dumplings “Foo Yong”

> > Ravioli,  Dumplings, Maultaschen, Pierogi or whatever you call your little pasta pockets filled with a savory filling – if there are leftovers, what will be  the best way to make a meal out of them ?  I say, saute them with eggs and voila ! – a whole new, different, beautiful dish which, […]

Semolina Dumplings In Clear Oxtail Soup

> >  Grießklößchen in klarer Ochsenschwanz Suppe, or Consommé de Queue de Boeuf, or Semolina Dumplings In Clear Oxtail Soup, or Griessnockerl Suppe – I have not seen either semolina dumplings nor clear ox tail soup on a restaurant menu for many years. Once, not too long ago, these were standard items in fine dining restaurants, but ist seems that […]

Pork And Spinach Dumplings With Bok Choy And Straw Mushrooms In Chili Broth

> > I used  to go through the trouble of making my own dumpling wrappers and steamed bun dough for my Asian dishes. A few weeks ago I had dinner at my neighborhood Chinese restaurant and I asked the owner if he would be willing to sell me some of the fresh wrappers for Jiaozi (steamed […]

Boiled Pork And Shrimp Dumplings

> > Boiled  dumplings are one of the more common daily food items in Chinese cuisine. Yet, while most dumplings served in restaurants are steamed, the more common cooking method in private homes is boiling them in salted water. These dumplings are very easy to make and take no time at all, especially if you […]

Tomato Bisque , Morcilla Dumplings & Pasta

> > Morcilla  lovers – this dish is a knock-out ! As far as morcilla dishes go, it does not get much better, I can assure you 🙂 I know that not everybody shares my love for morcilla, but for those who do, this soup is magic. Morcilla – (blood pudding, blutwurst, boudin noir, sanguinaccio, blodkorv, boldpølse, kaszanka). If you […]

Chicken Fricasse & Potato Dumplings

> > Although  chicken and pasta any style  is one of my favorite dishes, this afternoon I gave myself a choice between hausgemachte spätzle and kartoffelknödel. Kartoffelknödel (potato dumplings) won today, so I will probably make some hausgemachte spätzle  (small flour dumplings)  in the coming few days. Bon Appetit !   Live is Good !  > Potato Dumpling Recipe – Click […]

Braised Oxtail & Potato Dumplings “Geschmorter Ochsenschwanz & Kartoffelknödel”

> > Geschmorter  Ochsenschwanz & Kartoffelknödel  /  Braised Ox Tail & Potato Dumplings > I remember with nostalgia when you could get oxtail from your butcher for a buck and a half a pound. Those were the day’s. Obviously long gone, but not forgotten. Nowadays it’s gonna cost an average of $ 5.00 a pound. Considering a […]

Rinds Rouladen & Semmelknoedel ( Beef Roulade & Bread Dumplings )

. . This  goes to John and Elli Vicente in Texas, who have requested this a couple of month’s ago. Hope you guy’s find it like it was imprinted in Ellis’ memory back in Germany   🙂 Guten Appetit ! Das Leben Ist Schoen ! > .     . Rouladen – Ingredient’s Beef,  round,  cut […]