Easy Does It # 38 – Slow Roast Crispy Duck, Creamed Spinach, Pommes Croquettes & Red Wine Jus

: : : When you read the title of this post and then see the final dish, you might wonder – whats easy about this ? 🙂 Let me assure you, everything is ! 🙂 The total preparation time is only about 20 minutes, although the total cooking time is more like 4.5 hours, give […]

Roast Duck – Part Two – “Duck Soup With Rice Sticks And Baby Bok Choy”

> Duck and noodles – what’s not to like about that ? 🙂 Since I prepare roast duck often, duck soup is naturally on the menu just as much. Even just a few bones, skin, scraps, innards and the neck from one duck, added to chicken or vegetable stock and seasoning, is enough to prep […]

Roast Duck – Part One – “Duck With Dirty Noodles”

> Last week I came across a special at my grocery store –   $ 10.50 for a whole duck, compared to the usual price of around $17.00 for the same size bird. Of course, I bought two, because duck – anytime 🙂 After I defrosted the first one, I realized that it might be […]

Duck For Dummies………

> > Many  folks shy back from preparing duck because of it’s stigma of being difficult to prepare. Now, I admit, duck can be royally screwed-up if you don’t know what you are doing, just like anything else. Many chefs, in order to hoot their own horn,  will also try to convince you that cooking […]

Chili/Duck Rice Sticks

> > The  other day I roasted a whole duck to have for dinner but when it was almost done a friend called me to invite me for dinner, so I put the whole shamuckus in the fridge for the next day to be used. The following dish was the result and I must say […]

Duck “Oscar”

“ “ I figure  that since this was my dinner last night during the Oscar’s and it was my own concoction, I might as well name this dish  Duck “Oscar”. (Otherwise known as “Hoisin And Honey Glazed Duck) 🙂 You might wonder why there are no side dishes in the pictures? – because there were […]

Duck & Glass Vermicelli Soup – Leftover’s Made Into A Feast

> > Whenever  I steam meats, seafood or vegetables, I never discard the broth but transform it into a delicious soup or sauce. When I steamed a duck for “Crispy Fried Duck With Dirty Rice Sticks” a few weeks back, I strained the stock and saved the trimmings from the duck to use for this great […]

Crispy Fried Duck With Dirty Rice Sticks

> > Some  of you might remember the roasted ducks I have prepared in the past. This recipe for a  fried duck gives you a completely different texture, just as good but very distinct from a roasted duck. The texture of the skin is much more like that of chicharrones, since it puffs up during […]

Asian Inspired Duck & Udon Soup

> > This  soup is my  “to go to”  soup when I have leftover duck or goose (yesterdays roast duck) . It is quick and easy and oh so delicious. The vegetables and noodles are interchangeable with any vegetables and pasta you might have at hand, such as cabbage, bok choy, shiitake or spinach, or […]

“Enten Braten” (Roast Duck)

> > Yesterday’s  lunch reminded me of the sundays of my early youth. It was tradition in our home that my dad prepared sunday lunch at least once a month. Usually this was a “Braten” – a roast, such as a pork but, a  fresh duck from the butcher shop or a freshly butchered chicken from […]