Roast Duck – Part One – “Duck With Dirty Noodles”

> Last week I came across a special at my grocery store –   $ 10.50 for a whole duck, compared to the usual price of around $17.00 for the same size bird. Of course, I bought two, because duck – anytime 🙂 After I defrosted the first one, I realized that it might be […]

Crispy Fried Duck With Dirty Rice Sticks

> > Some  of you might remember the roasted ducks I have prepared in the past. This recipe for a  fried duck gives you a completely different texture, just as good but very distinct from a roasted duck. The texture of the skin is much more like that of chicharrones, since it puffs up during […]

Lettuce Cups With Spicy Chicken And Dirty Rice Sticks

> > Lettuce cups are widely used in Asia and are usually filled with plain, sesame oil coated rice-, egg- or cellophane- noodles amongst other goodies such as duck, shrimp, tofu, etc. I like my noodles to have a bit more taste and substance, so I usually use a stir fried mixture of noodles and other “stuff”. […]

Dirty Rice Sticks

> > Here  is a variation of “Dirty Rice“, this one done with rice sticks. I am a big fan of dirty rice, but I prefer the dirty rice sticks by far, either as a side dish or main course with a couple of fried eggs on top. Serve with soy sauce and chili sauce […]

The Dirty Secrets of 6 Scandalous Foods

It never hurt’s to increase our knowledge about the food we eat.  Most of the time it’s possitive, but sometimes it makes me wonder…… – Bananas, Chocolate, Beef, Tuna, Corn, Shrimp ? What you should know about chocolate, shrimp and other surprisingly “bad foods.” By Julie Gerstein Read more at   ” thedailygreen ” . […]

” Dirty Dozen: EWG Reveals List Of Pesticide-Heavy Fruits And Veggies “

An Apple A Day…….. Excerpt from the HUFFPOST : ….. And while the list is comprehensive, the ranking doesn’t capture all information: For example, though apples were ranked as the most contaminated overall, imported nectarines had the unique distinction of having a full 100 percent rate of positive pesticide test results, above any other product. […]

Chicken & Potatoes – Boss Level

> > > Not much more can be said about a well-prepared chicken and potato dish that I haven’t said before on these pages (follow the 2 links below), except that, as usual, the method of infusing the potatoes with the juices and fat from the chicken while they cook on top of each other […]

Roast Duck – Part Two – “Duck Soup With Rice Sticks And Baby Bok Choy”

> Duck and noodles – what’s not to like about that ? 🙂 Since I prepare roast duck often, duck soup is naturally on the menu just as much. Even just a few bones, skin, scraps, innards and the neck from one duck, added to chicken or vegetable stock and seasoning, is enough to prep […]

Duck & Glass Vermicelli Soup – Leftover’s Made Into A Feast

> > Whenever  I steam meats, seafood or vegetables, I never discard the broth but transform it into a delicious soup or sauce. When I steamed a duck for “Crispy Fried Duck With Dirty Rice Sticks” a few weeks back, I strained the stock and saved the trimmings from the duck to use for this great […]

” More Rice ” 飯 – Fan (Chinese Steamed Rice)

. . One of the comments to my ” Rice ” post yesterday came from one of my former students at “Le Cordon Bleu”, Christine, who post’s at: The Perky Poppy Seed Thank You Christine  🙂 ” I was thinking about your class last night… so I made my Perfectly Steamed Rice  from Perky’s Le Cordon […]