Red Curry/Coconut Ramen With Nappa Cabbage

: : : During the past view years, with thousands upon thousands of books, articles movies, documentaries and everybody and his/her dog writing about Ramen – the best, the most original, the most exotic, the cheapest, the most expensive, the most complicated, the simplest, the craziest, and what not else about Ramen, the latest craze […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 72 – Fried Eggs And Bacon With Currywurst Sauce

: : : Now that I am back living in Germany again, there is always a jar with currywurst sauce in my fridge. I use this wonder sauce not only for traditional currywurst, but also on sandwiches instead of mustard and on other dishes, veggies, BBQ, eggs, etc. I admit that this looks a bit […]

Goan Chicken Curry

> > This  is the very best chicken curry – at least for me and my own, personal taste. While it is neither typical Indian, nor Indonesian or Malay, it is a bit in the style of Goa. Goan food is much influenced by the Portuguese, so the ingredients and seasoning often differ a bit from […]

Curry Ribs

. . This  recipe uses my standard curry base/sauce, of which I always have a few containers in the freezer. You can of course make any type of curry base in which you braise your ribs, but this dish is pretty easy and fast to prepare when you start out with a great, readily prepared base/sauce […]

EASY DOES IT # 20 – Mushroom / Veggy Curry

> > This  dish is an authentic curry from – Miami ??? Authentic Hans’ Cuisine if you will 🙂 The great thing about it is that everybody can do it, it is so simple. Yet, it tastes just as Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai or from wherever else you want it to be. Here is my train […]

Chicken Curry, Roti, Raita & Rice

“ “ This  is my “GO TO” curry dish. As I mentioned before, I usually have some containers with curry sauce in the freezer, so by the time the naan, raita and rice (polo) are done, the curry is also ready. I also alway’s have uncooked naan in the freezer. Just cook it on a griddle […]

Easy Does It # 11 – Curry

. > Dear  Friend’s, Although most of my followers are culinary professionals, there is also a large segment of followers who are just starting to enjoy cooking on a slightly higher than basic level. I have therefore decided to publish, under the moniker “Easy Does It“,  from time to time some very basic recipe variations of […]

Green Lip Mussels, Lai Fen Rice Sticks And Chopped Broccoli Rabe In Red Curry / Coconut Soup

> > Last night I wanted to have a spicy snack at around midnight. Had to be quick and easy. Here is what I prepared. It took about 3 minutes of actual prep time and less than 15 minutes from start to finish. (I had some blanched rapini and cooked lai fen in the fridge […]

Pigs Tail And Potato Curry, Naan & Cucumber Raita

> > Some folks are probably scratching their head, going “WTF” (what he food 🙂 ) when reading this. But hey, I love pigs tail and curries of any style. Pigs tails – not everybody’s cup of tea                                read about […]

Mee Noodles, Straw Mushroom & Chicken In Curry/Coconut Soup

. . At  first I was going to do a “authentic”  Malay, or Burmese ,or Thai, or Indonesian, or Indian, or whatever “authentic” coconut / curry / noodle / chicken dish. But then, for what ? There is a million and one recipes  (more or less “authentic”)  out there in the internet and book world […]