Arugula & Crab Salad In Yogurt Dressing

> > > Lately, I eat a lot of salad as a main course, any time of the day, even for breakfast if I have leftovers from the previous day. The key to a great leftover salad to enjoy the following day is to look at the total quantity of all ingredients BEFORE you add the green […]

Snow Crab And Fusilli Lunghi In Anchovy Butter

> Ok now, don’t get any ideas about eating these vampire crabs pictured above ! The only reason I feature their pics here is that they are so pretty 🙂 They are actually small pets, just to love, look at and to take good care of, until their natural life cycle comes to an end. […]

Poor Man’s Crab Meat Risotto – Kani Kama Risotto

> > Residing  close to Hialeah means one can buy a lot of goodies by the roadside from “flying vendors”, who sell anything from the trunk of their cars, – electronics, Christmas decorations, clothes, steaks, flowers, fruit, churros, plants, mani, limes, and of course, “fresh seafood”. I suspect that most of this stuff comes from […]

Chinese Style Ginger & Garlic Crabs

> > Last  night’s dinner was truly special. Special food, special digestive (very old cognac) and most of all, special friends. This is the first Chinese recipe I ever learned, way back in 1974 while working on Royal Viking Sky. My assistant was a Chinese fellow named Chang. Whenever we were in Vancouver, instead of […]

Crab-Stuffed Twice Baked Potato

> > This  is my answer to a few request’s I received for unusual potato dishes. If you use extra large potatoes as I have, I suggest that you bake them for two hours at 410 F. They will have browned slightly inside the skin and have a very different taste and texture than if […]

Seafood Indulgence

> > > In that perfect world we’re all longing for, we would all have neverending access to fresh-caught, properly handled and expertly prepared seafood, plentiful and for a reasonable price……….. 🙂 Yet, for most of us, this is but a dream. However, thanks for modern technology improvements in transport, handling and distribution, there is […]

Escargots A La Bourguignonne (Snails In Garlic-Herb Butter In The Style Of The Bourguignon)

Remembering  the “Good Old Times”, when I went to Germany I was looking forward to enjoy escargot as often as possible, since in the not so distant past, escargot was one of the dishes which one could find on the dinner menu of most restaurants, usually prepared “A La Bourguignonne” and served in their own […]

Tacos De Pescado (Grilled Fish Tacos)

I just realized that lately, I prepare tacos at least ones a week, sometimes even more often. Of course, this makes perfect sense, since they are very tasty, easy to prepare and the possible variations are endless. I have them for any meal of the day, breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. My favorite taco is……..always […]

The Buffalo – The Sandwich That Puts Most Others To Shame……….

> > Yes  friends, I really believe that this is one of the best sandwiches one can hope to find in today’s landscape of often-times overwrought, senseless concoctions. While not as spectacular to look at as, let’s say, a five inch high monster loaded with 20 different ingredients, nor as expensive as a foie gras […]