Roast Cornish Hen With Caramelized Onions And Potatoes (Best Potatoes EVER?)

> > Upon first glance, one’s impression would be that the Cornish Hen is the star of this dish. While this is certainly the case in the looks-department, when it comes to taste, these potatoes do steal the show. (But of course, the Cornish Hen is awesome as well) 🙂 First, the potatoes and onions are […]

Roast Cornish Hen With Hearty Veggies (5/60 Dish)

< This is one of those dishes I call a  “5/60 Dish“, which, especially for a home cook, are the most rewarding in terms of the ratio of time and effort to final delicious result. It simply means that it will only require 5 minutes of preparation and 60 minutes of total time, from the start of prepping […]

Ginger And Soy Braised Cornish Hens With Spicy Cucumber Pickles

> > Going  shopping at the grocery store involves ever bigger monetary transactions 😦 . I used to enjoy shopping for food, usually buying way too much food and therefore giving away much of it in order to avoid waste. Well, those times are nothing but happy memories. Whereas spending $200 a week was usually plenty enough […]

Chicken Noodle Soup (Cornish hen, Whole Grain Pasta, Broccoli)

> > > Week One, Monday. > Click here to see all pictures and Cooking Instructions . Bon Appetit !   Enjoy a Healthy, Happy Life ! > > > > > > > > > > > >

Stew Of Cornish Hen In Merlot With Beans And Vegetables

> > Cornish Hen  has very tender meat and does not need to be stewed – it can be grilled, roasted , poached or sautéed. However, once in a while I like to braise (stew) one because of the delicious sauce this cooking method will produce. So then, this is what I had for lunch […]

Spatchcocked Sautéed Cornish Hen With Arugula In Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette

> > Traditionally,  when spatchcocking a bird to be served in a restaurant, one should remove the backbone and sternum. Not only will that allow the bird to cook easier, but also allow the guest to eat it more comfortable with fork and knife at the table. However, for me, one of the best part’s […]

Fried Cornish Hen, Pommes Frites & Baked Parmesan Tomato

> > After  I cooked this meal and started eating it, I became acutely aware of a monstrous mistake I had made: I had two hens in the fridge and I only cooked one, thinking it would be enough. I should have known better. This could be the poster child for comfort food. The crispy, juicy […]

” Spatchcocked Cornish Hen “

. .  Last night’s  excellent dinner.  One whole cornish hen is a perfect portion. Bon Appetit ! Life is Good ! 🙂 Ingredients: Cornish hen, soy sauce, kosher salt, sriracha, onion pwd, garlic powder; Method: Roast in oven at 420F until internal temp on the thickest part on the bone reaches 160F. Let it rest […]

” Wiener Backhendl Im Nest “

. . Tonight’s  dinner reminds me of my childhood in Germany, when this was a very special treat when my parents took me to a restaurant and I found wiener back hendl on the menu. Tonight I used cornish hen instead of the more traditional chicken, but otherwise, this is the real deal. A simple dish of […]

Week One – Tuesday Dinner

> Today’s post on “Hans’ Lighter, Healthier Comfort Food”  > > Week One – Tuesday Dinner > Chicken Noodle Soup (Cornish Hen, Whole Grain Pasta, Broccoli) > Bon Appetit ! Enjoy a Healthy, Happy Life ! > >   >   > > Preparation :  > To read instructions, hover over pictures To enlarge pictures and […]