Cordon Brie

> I had been thinking of and lusting for chicken cordon bleu the whole day long, so on my way home I stopped at the store to buy the ingredients. They should have been : Two large, boneless/skinless chicken breasts, a pack of sliced ham and a pack of sliced swiss cheese. However, when I got […]

Chicken Cordon Bleu Ala Kiev

> > How  to improve on a chicken cordon bleu you ask? By preparing it ala kiev I say 🙂 Chicken ala Kiev – breaded chicken breast stuffed with garlic/herb butter. P.S. Don’t tell my cardiologist ! Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > > > Dear Friend’s, to help […]

” Poor Man’s Cordon Bleu “

. . Poor man’s cordon bleu Mock cordon bleu Hans’ cheese burger Whatever you want to name it, this is a great dish. Of course, you can replace the cheese with any other cheese, such as roquefort, brie, tilsit, cheddar. Bon Appetit ! Life is Good ! . . . .

Schnitzel vom Schweinerücken „Zigeuner Art“

> >> > One of my first childhood memories involving food is about Schnitzel. When visiting a restaurant with my parents in my earliest years, more often than not at least one person of the family/group at the table ordered a schnitzel, sometimes everybody. There was a wide variety of schnitzel available, even in the most […]

What features of restaurants and hotels have almost completely vanished? A trip down memory lane….

> > The following are but a few of the comforts and luxuries that made great restaurants and hotels of the past such wonderful places to frequent (besides the food and drinks of course) :-). > (All comments from QUORA : > > Jonas Mikka Luster, trimethylxanthine addict Table Side Service – almost completely […]

There Is A Monster On My Plate !!!

> > My  friend Peter was supposed to be here at 4.00pm for a late end of week lunch. He had “ordered” (nicely requested) chicken cordon bleu and I was happy to oblige. As soon as I got home, I took care of Bella, took a shower and started with my food prep. Ten minutes […]

From Cook To Chef. A Long, Tough & Very Rewarding Journey

. > ” Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. “ Dear Friends of ChefsOpinion, When I started this blog in April of 2012, my circle of readers was very small and consisted mostly of friends and colleagues I knew already from other parts of life. Now, one year […]

” More Rice ” 飯 – Fan (Chinese Steamed Rice)

. . One of the comments to my ” Rice ” post yesterday came from one of my former students at “Le Cordon Bleu”, Christine, who post’s at: The Perky Poppy Seed Thank You Christine  🙂 ” I was thinking about your class last night… so I made my Perfectly Steamed Rice  from Perky’s Le Cordon […]

Can A Classical Dish Be Altered If The Name Clearly Indicates That The Dish Is ” In The Style Of… “

. . Dear Friend’s, Below find a few recent comment’s by passionate and no doubt competent chef’s. Some apparently look at thing’s more flexible then others, some might understand the context of a specific situation better than others (in this case, a lighthearted, food loving Blog by a chef who has probably seen it all […]

” Passion “

While i was teaching at le cordon bleu for seven years, I usually started the first day with this question: What brought you here ? 99% of the students answer was : Passion !!! My second question was always : What do you consider to be “Passion” ? I got all kind of answers, usually […]