Poached Cod Fillet With Whole-Grain Mustard Sauce And Pomegranate Pilaf

> > > Cod – (Kabeljau / Dorsch / タラ Tara / Morue / Bacalao / smk alqadi / Treska / Turska / Γάδος Gádos / Kele / Torsk / треска, etc, etc. 🙂 . Until a few short years ago, cod (kabeljau), and especially cod in mustard sauce was a very popular dish in Europe. It was very cheap, tasted great, […]

Sautéed Cod Fillet With Cannellini Bean Salad

> > It’s no wonder people eat more and more sh***y fast food. This 2 lbs of cod fillet was $ 20.00 incl tax !!! 😦 Ground beef $ 7.00 a pound, chicken wings $ 5.00 and up, a small loaf of bread $ 4.00 and up, etc, etc 😦 Yet,  a small crappy cheeseburger […]

Baked Atlantic Cod Fillet, Cauliflower, Sweet Cherry Peppers And Capers In Lemon & EVO

> > > When I was growing up in the  Black Forest  in Germany, there were only two species of fish I experienced – the native Trout ( Bach Forelle ), which was available fresh in nearly every single restaurant, and  Cod , which was the most affordable ocean fish, available fresh at most fish shops in the bigger towns […]

Tandoory Style Cod Filet With Potato-Onion Mash

> > When  you first lay your eyes on the pictures of this dish you might think that the cod filet is the star of the show. While this might be so for some folks, for me the star was the potato-onion mash. Seldom have I experienced a richer, tastier and more scrumptious potato dish than this […]

Sauteed Cod Filet & Honey-Glazed Carrots

> > Cod  used to be the cheapest fish you can buy – but look at it now : 4 pieces for $ 38.00 at the fishmonger ! 😦 But once in a while I have to splurge a bit and this cod just fit the bill 🙂 Tomorrow we’ll have dry bread again…… Not really, […]

Steamed Cod Filet With Red Beet Risotto And Sugar Peas

> > Risotto  is such a delicious, easy preparation of rice that I am amazed it does not show up more frequently in homes and restaurants. Maybe because it has a stigma of being difficult to prepare and labor intensive, which is far from being the truth. While it does take time to prep and simmer […]

Surf & Turf – Striploin, Cod Filet, Coconut Rice And Curried Lentils

> > Surf  & turf, much different from your standard steak and lobster with fries. Different, but definitely not less delicious, maybe even more so and for sure more interesting 🙂 Thinly sliced striploin cutlets, cod filet’s, curried lentils and coconut rice, what a great combination of textures and flavors. Bon Appetit !   Life […]

Steamed Cod With Caraway Potatoes, Lima Beans And Tomato Sauce

> > Cod  used to be one of the cheapest and most widely used fish. How times have changed. Today I paid $ 11.00 for these two small pieces of fish at my local fishmonger. How sad 😦 However, I am glad I spend the dough, the dish was excellent and well worth the cost […]

” Sauteed Cod Filet, Cheese & Chili Grits “

. . Yesterday’s lunch.  First time in my life I cooked grits for myself. Love it !  Life is Good ! . . .. . 

” Corn Meal Crusted Cod Filet “

Tonight’s Dinner : Cornmeal crusted cod fillet sauteed in butter, greek yoghurt mixed with thai sweet chili sauce and israeli couscous with vegetables. Bon Appetit ! Life is Good !     🙂