” Dandanmian ” Chinese Noodles, Ground Pork & Vegetables

. . ” Dandanmian ”  or  ” Dan Dan Mian ”  or  “Dandan Noodles “.  There are many variations of this most simple dish, which originated as street peddlers dish. Basic ingredients are ground pork, noodles, spicy sauce with or without peanut- or sesame – paste. Here is the Dandan I prepared for dinner yesterday ( […]

Chinese Stir Fried Rice Sticks With Cabbage And Egg

> > > Sometimes, when I followed my daily cravings for seafood and meat for a while, a meat-less-and seafood-less dish is all I require for a proper meal. This dish ticks all the right boxes for me for a satisfying meal – Noodles/Cabbage/Eggs/Chili/Hoisin and Garlic, it’s all there, propped-up with a healthy dose of […]

Chinese New Year Egg Dumpling Soup ( 蛋饺 ) ( Dan Jiao )

> > > I prepared this soup on February 16th, the day of the Chinese new year and the beginning of the year of the dog. I had planned to prepare and publish this post well before the 16th, in order to give my readers a chance to bring this wonderful, traditional dish to the table as […]


> > Click here for  “Pork And Noodles In Two Parts – Part One”  on  ChefsOpinion < Well  dear friends, here now is part two of “Pork And Noodles In Two Parts”. As I’ve explained in part one,  “Crisp Yi Mein Noodle Pillow With Fiery Chile Pork” was not planned to exist in its final form, but […]


> > Having  traveled the world long before I moved to Singapore to live and work there in the early 80’s, I remember how much I was looking forward to finally learn how to prepare “real” Singapore Noodles. By then I had enjoyed them in many Chinese restaurants all over the world and they had become […]

Beef And Glass Noodles In Coconut Soup

> > Coconut  milk is a common ingredient in many tropical cuisines, such as Burmese, Cambodian, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Sri Lankan, Thai, Vietnamese, Peranakan and southern Chinese, as well as Brazilian, Caribbean, Polynesian, and Pacific islands cuisines. Even in non-tropical cuisines around the world, thanks to canning, dehydrating and freezing, coconut milk has become a […]

Chinese Beef Tripe And Egg Noodle Soup With Bok Choy And Chili (Mondongo Chino) (Kuttelsuppe Mit Nudeln)

> > I have  taken to the habit of having Pho at “Pho 79” in Davie, while I wait for the nice Ladies at “Davie Coin Laundry” to take care of one of my lesser liked weekly chores. Both establishments are by far the best of their kind in this area (Ft Lauderdale to the Keys […]

Pork Ribs & Rice Noodles Soup

> > I was  tempted to call this dish  “Kluay Teaw Moo Toon”, but then I remembered that Mirandi of the “High Heel Gourmet is coming by at ChefsOpinion sometimes and how fierce she is about authentic Thai  recipes. (I REALLY don’t want to get her mad 🙂 All jokes aside, this dish is  definitely Thai inspired. […]

Garlic Noodles & Pickled Cucumbers

. . Hardly  can you prepare a more simple, tasty and satisfying meal then this one. On top of that, it is fast and easy to prepare and light on the wallet. What’s not to love about that ? 🙂 The recipe I used today included only the seasonings in the photo on this page. […]

” Pork Ribs Soup With Long Life Noodles “

. . I hope the name I gave this soup say’s it all : “Spicy soup of pork ribs, long life noodles, corn, bamboo shoots, quail eggs and lap cheong“. Highly satisfying culinary goodness in a (BIG) bowl.   🙂 . . . Ingredient’s : Pasta,                     […]