Black Pepper & Soy Chicken Wings

X If you think one more post about chicken wings is redundant, I do understand you 🙂 Just move on, don’t get upset, bored or annoyed. I will see you at my next post……. However, realize this: You’ll miss a chance to look at one of the prettiest, tastiest, no-fuss to prepare chicken wings you […]

“Easy Does It” # 3 – Asian Inspired Chicken Wings And Drumettes

> > Dear  Friend’s Although most of my followers are culinary professionals, there is also a large segment of followers who are just starting to enjoy cooking on a slightly higher than basic level. I have therefore decided to publish, under the moniker “Easy Does It“,  from time to time some very basic recipe variations of […]

Asian Style Chicken Wings in Oyster Sauce

> > . This  is one of the dishes I could eat three times a week without getting tired of it anytime soon. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. Feed me anytime with this stuff and I’ll be happy 🙂 > > > Ingredient’s : Chicken wings, Bok choy,   cut into large pieces Red peppers,   […]

“ VERY Crispy Chicken Wings ”

. . I love chicken wings ! But then again, who doesn’t ? What I don’t like are the over-greasy, over-sauced, limp skinned wings you get in so many joints. I love my wings crispy, VERY crispy. Here is what I do in order to achieve that: Simmer the wings in seasoned oil at 220 […]

Not Your Mama´s Chicken/Noodle Soup – “Chicken Pho” (Phở Gà)

: : : If you have followed ChefsOpinion for a while, you might be aware of my passion for soups, especially for chicken noodle soup, prepared any-which-way. Without a doubt, the soup featured on this page is by far the best chicken noodle soup I have ever tasted. The combination and the amount used of […]

Roast Chicken Thighs With Grape Tomatoes In Yogurt Dressing

    > > > While a whole roast chicken is a wonderful thing, my regular grocery store now charges about $ 10.00 for a medium-sized bird (tax included), which makes it just too expensive in my opinion (Not the $10.00 itself, but the fact that a supermarket now can charge $10.00 for a simple, […]

Chicken Noodle Soup (Chicken Soup With Carrot-Noodles & Green Beans)

> > > Thanks to its ease of preparation and its wonderful taste and texture, chicken noodle soup in its never-ending varieties is one of the dishes I prepare at least once every week.  🙂 I remember the noodle soups from my youth, which had the same flaw as all other pasta dishes at the […]

Chicken Noodle Soup With Broccoli Rabe & Tomatoes

> > My  very own preference for chicken to use in a soup are the wings, which makes for a bit of messy eating at the dinner table. (Bella does not mind 🙂 ) So, if this is an issue for you, you might want to replace the wings with boneless diced chicken leg. On […]

Stir Fried Chicken, Mandarins, Walnuts & Bok Choy

. . Usually  I am not a big fan of fruit in my savory dishes, but here it just seemed to be the right thing to add, and it made the taste so much more rounded. The mandarins were a bit on the acidic side, not very sweet, I think that’s what made it at the end. […]

” Asian Inspired Baked Chicken “

, , This  was a great tasting chicken and best of all, no more than 3 minutes of prep. Great taste, good looks, easy to prepare. . . . . Ingredients : Chicken,  legs, breast, wings Sweet chili sauce, Oyster sauce, Soy sauce, Lime juice, Garlic,  paste, Ginger,  grated, Kosher salt, Method : Mix all marinade […]