Chicken & Potatoes – Boss Level

> > > Not much more can be said about a well-prepared chicken and potato dish that I haven’t said before on these pages (follow the 2 links below), except that, as usual, the method of infusing the potatoes with the juices and fat from the chicken while they cook on top of each other […]

Dak Bulgogi (Korean Grilled Chicken)

> > > > A few day’s ago a friend an I went to our favorite korean BBQ restaurant Kabose in Ft Lauderdale. Maria and I used to frequent this place quite often, especially when we had guests from overseas for whom the grilling at the table was usually a new and well-loved experience. This time […]

Salad Of Cracked Pepper -Dusted Chicken Liver Nuggets, Shredded Parmigiano Reggiano, Romaine, Mild Chillies And Red Onions

> > > The success of this dish hinges entirely on the proper preparation of the liver nuggets. They must be crisp on the outside, medium-rare to medium (depending on your preference) on the inside and spicy but not mouthburningly so. Seem’s easy enough, as long as you know how to handle VERY HOT fat. […]

Roast Chicken Thighs With Grape Tomatoes In Yogurt Dressing

    > > > While a whole roast chicken is a wonderful thing, my regular grocery store now charges about $ 10.00 for a medium-sized bird (tax included), which makes it just too expensive in my opinion (Not the $10.00 itself, but the fact that a supermarket now can charge $10.00 for a simple, […]

Cork Screw Pasta With Chicken And Vegetables In Curried Coconut Cream

> > > Leftover pasta. What to do with it ? Usually, most folks just pop it in the microwave with a bit of sauce (or ketchup?? ) 🙂 Or maybe cook it up in a pan with some eggs ? How about doing this easy, sexy beauty next time ! I had some left over […]

Sautéed  Chicken Thighs

> > > Sometimes when I think long enough about a certain dish, I can hardly wait to have it in front of me and to dig in. Many times, my craving is so strong that I just want to have that particular item, with no “distraction” from side dishes, sauce or condiments. Such was […]

Chicken Noodle Soup (Chicken Soup With Carrot-Noodles & Green Beans)

> > > Thanks to its ease of preparation and its wonderful taste and texture, chicken noodle soup in its never-ending varieties is one of the dishes I prepare at least once every week.  🙂 I remember the noodle soups from my youth, which had the same flaw as all other pasta dishes at the […]

Black Pepper & Soy Chicken Wings

X If you think one more post about chicken wings is redundant, I do understand you 🙂 Just move on, don’t get upset, bored or annoyed. I will see you at my next post……. However, realize this: You’ll miss a chance to look at one of the prettiest, tastiest, no-fuss to prepare chicken wings you […]

Chicken Döner Kebab

> > One of the first Exotic” dishes that had established itself in Germany after the mass-migration of millions of “Gastarbeiter” (Guest-Workers) from Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia in the 60’s, was the Turkish “Döner” (Doner Kebab). It was unlike any other dish we had seen before, a huge spear of layered meat and fat, slowly […]

Salad Of Endive & Chili Chicken

  > > This was such a pleasant salad to enjoy early in the day. The colors, flavors and lightness of its ingredients brightened the rest of my day and gave me a wonderful, guilt-free lunch. (I am still working on losing some of the many pounds I added while in Argentina. So far it’s […]