Caldo Verde

> > Food memories …….. Caldo Verde. For me this recalls the time we were living in Madeira, Portugal. We were living and working in Porto Moniz, in a wonderful apartment overlooking the ocean, close to the center of Funchal, near the rock pool  and a great restaurant which was in a rock cave just […]

” Arroz Caldo “

Tonight’s Pinoy Dinner : Arroz Caldo Arroz Caldo (literally translated as warm rice) is a type of congee (or lugaw) that in texture and apparence somehow resembles risotto. Though this dish is of Chinese origin, the (new) name was actually given by the Spaniards because of pronunciation issues. Suggested condiments : Safflower (wild saffron),toasted garlic, calamansi, scallions raw egg yolk, hard boiled egg are […]

Pork Congee – (猪肉粥) – (Pork Porridge)

: . : : Click here for more  Pork  on  ChefsOpinion : Click here for more  Pig  on  ChefsOpinion : Click here for more  Congee  on  ChefsOpinion : : P.S. There is an extensive article about congee from around the world below the following pictures : : Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! : […]

Congee With Smoked Pig’s Tails & Vegetables

. . Rice Porridge. First thing that comes to mind is probably baby food or hospital gruff. Most folk’s would never think of ordering it from a menu in a restaurant, much less wake up and crave it for breakfast, if they hadn’t tasted or at least seen it before. Now, let’s try again : Congee. Lúgaw. […]

” Collard Greens & Smoked Neck Bones “

. . We  southerner’s sure love our greens . (Southern Germany in my case, that’s why the roast potatoes instead of the corn bread)    🙂 I cooked a great amount of pork so at the end there was a good amount of  potlikker  left which I froze. Next time I’ll go to the store I […]