PERFECT Cacio e Pepe

: : : : “Cacio e Pepe” is undoubtedly the most minimalist among Roman pasta. It´s secret lies in its wonderful creaminess, which is achieved by the perfect balance between its four main ingredients: pasta, water, Pecorino Romano and black pepper. (Because of the saltiness of the Pecorino, no additional salt is needed) (A similarly […]

Pasta Cacio E Pepe

> > This  most simple dish of pasta, black pepper and cheese confirms the genius of classic Italian cuisine once more. Good quality pasta, cooked al dente with just the right amount of salt, fresh ground black pepper, grated  caciocavallo cheese  and a bit of the cooking liquid, it is pasta perfection at its finest. […]

SPAGHETTI AL CAVIALE (Spaghetti With Caviar)

. > . There  are three pasta dishes I absolutely love for their simplicity and, if prepared with love and care, for their impeccable pure taste of just a few simple ingredients: “PASTA CACIO E PEPE”,  ”SPAGHETTI AGLIO E OLIO“, and today’s feature, “PASTA AL CAVIALE”. As always, use the best ingredients you can afford to […]