Burritos De Carne De Res

> > It  can be hard to cook REAL Mexican food outside of Mexico because of the difficulty of sourcing authentic ingredients and because preparing AUTHENTIC cuisine is something which usually requires a lot of effort , time and money to duplicate in a foreign land. Tex-Mex to the Rescue !!! Tex-Mex is not only easier to prepare […]

Caramelized Banana & Chocolate Burrito With Strawberry Preserve

: : : While preparing crepes is a snap, both time-wise and on difficulty level, defrosting a large flour tortilla is even easier and faster 🙂 Also, the taste and texture are a bit more rustic, so it fits perfectly with the other ingredients for this dish. Usually, this is a bit substantial for a […]

German “Burrito”

: : : Burritos are a traditional food of Ciudad Juárez, a city bordering El Paso, Texas, in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, where people buy them at restaurants and roadside stands. Northern Mexican border towns like Villa Ahumada have an established reputation for serving burritos. Authentic Mexican burritos are usually small and thin, with flour tortillas containing only one or two of several ingredients: either some […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 53 – Burrito With Scrambled Eggs, Re-fried Beans And Avocado

> > Today’s  breakfast – another winner, easily whipped up in minutes.  (Assuming you have some leftover re-fried beans at hand). If you don’t, just replace the re-fried beans with sautéed red beans, black beans or even chick peas (garbanzos), seasoned with cumin, kosher salt cayenne, garlic paste and diced onion, which will only just add a […]

Beef And Bean Burrito

> > Nowadays,  most folks are familiar with burritos. International cuisine with its many variations has come to the farthest corners of the world and that’s a great thing. Not so great is the fact that most of the ethnic food has been bastardized to the point of no return. I am not talking about changing […]

” Why would anyone EVER EVER EVER use those crappy pre packaged corn taco shells ???? Yeesh !!! “

. . Dear Friend’s In response to my post :  ”  Tacos Al Camaron ” , the following esteemed comment was posted by a young lady who obviously knows and loves her food and with whom I basically wholeheartedly agree : . . ”  Why would anyone EVER EVER EVER use those crappy pre packaged corn taco […]