Grilled Shrimp And Peppers-Brochette With Red Wine-Bucatini And Pangrattato

> > > While grilled shrimp is a dish that is well known to most of us, pasta cooked in red wine is probably less known/experienced by most folks, even those who are fans of pasta in all shapes and tastes 🙂 I for one have cooked pasta in red wine a few times, many […]

Delicious Quickie – Bucatini Con Sarde

> > Definition  of Quickie : “something done or had quickly”. – Ok now, time to get your minds out of the gutter 🙂 We are talking about a wonderful dish, quickly and easily prepared, light on the wallet yet tasty and pretty to look at. – Did I mention – time to get your mind out […]

Bucatini alle Acciughe

> > You  could go to the extra length of using fresh anchovies and home made pasta for this dish, but I can assure you that even if you don’t and you  decide to use canned anchovies and dried pasta, you will still have a wonderful meal, provided you source the best quality of anchovies and […]

Calamare E Bucatini

“ “ I love  calamari, but I hate to clean them at home and it is hard to find good quality cleaned ones around here. But, yesterday I got lucky. I drove around a bit with Bella to see what’s out there and low and behold, I found a fishmonger I had not noticed before, […]

Shrimp & Chili Broth With Rice Bucatini, Broccolini, Shrimp And Wood Ear Mushroom

> > Today’s  late breakfast consisted of some of my favorite ingredients: Bucatini, shrimp, fried onions, broccolini and wood ear’s. Used in one single dish made for a superior concoction I could eat any time of the day, seven day’s a week 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > […]

“Milanesa” – Breaded Pork Cutlet, Bucatini & Hans’ Special Pasta Sauce

> > When  I was an apprentice in the black forest in the sixties, “Veal Chop Milanese” (Kalbskotelett Mailänder Art), a slightly different version of the milanesa on this post, was a very popular dish. It was one that I was hoping to be able to afford to eat when I finally became a cook and […]

Bucatini, Bologna, Tomato, Asiago & Egg ” Midnight Snack In Simpleland “

. . Yesterday  I had a very long workday without lunch or dinner. I finally came home at 9.00pm (I left the house at 5.00am, after two hours of walking Bella, breakfast, checking e-mail, etc) . First thing’s first, so I poured myself a glass of merlot and sat down to relax a few minutes […]

Pasta With Sun-dried Tomato/Cashew-Pesto And Ricotta

> > Question : Who love’s a bright-green, traditional, heavenly aromatic basil pesto? Answer :    Just about everybody does, that’s who. (Including myself) However, for my very own personal taste, I prefer to pair traditional pesto with light and airy gnocchi, while I love to marry a rustic pasta like penne rigate, rigatoni, farfalle or bucatini with a more […]

Pork Shank’s & Lai Fen In Garlic/Ginger Broth

> > Usually  we use this cut of the animal to make Osso Buco (originally done with veal shanks), but I love me a hearty soup more than anything else, so I decided to prepare this dish with some pork shanks my friend Curtis dropped off last time he came to visit. Great, simple dinner, […]