TODAY AT “CHEZ BELLA” – Bucatini With No-Cook Tomato Sauce

: x : : This is probably one of my most-loved simple dishes of all time. Not only does it taste wonderful if you use the best ingredients (good quality EVO (or Butter), pasta, chopped fresh tomatoes or bottled passata,  and cheese, (if possible Grana Padano), It is also done in a flash and, best […]

Today at “Chez Bella” – Bucatini cooked in Red Wine & Buttered Broccoli

: : : : Click here for  ” Pasta Cooked In Red Wine”  Recipe  on  ChefsOpinion . Why “Chez Bella”  ???  Because……….click here. . . Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! . : : : :

Around The World In 20 Minutes – Pork Neck Steak, Chilies, Onions And Bucatini With Herbs & Parmigiano Reggiano

: ; : Fusion cooking at it´s finest and most delicious : Arachis Oil from South America (Peru or Brasil), Bucatini and Tomato Paste from Italy, Pork Neck Steak from Germany, Hoisin Sauce and Soy Sauce from China, smoked Paprika from Spain, Mirin from Japan, Maggi Seasoning from Switzerland and Chiles from Mexico. Prep time, […]

Grilled Shrimp And Peppers-Brochette With Red Wine-Bucatini And Pangrattato

> > > While grilled shrimp is a dish that is well known to most of us, pasta cooked in red wine is probably less known/experienced by most folks, even those who are fans of pasta in all shapes and tastes 🙂 I for one have cooked pasta in red wine a few times, many […]

Delicious Quickie – Bucatini Con Sarde

> > Definition  of Quickie : “something done or had quickly”. – Ok now, time to get your minds out of the gutter 🙂 We are talking about a wonderful dish, quickly and easily prepared, light on the wallet yet tasty and pretty to look at. – Did I mention – time to get your mind out […]

Bucatini alle Acciughe

> > You  could go to the extra length of using fresh anchovies and home made pasta for this dish, but I can assure you that even if you don’t and you  decide to use canned anchovies and dried pasta, you will still have a wonderful meal, provided you source the best quality of anchovies and […]

Calamare E Bucatini

“ “ I love  calamari, but I hate to clean them at home and it is hard to find good quality cleaned ones around here. But, yesterday I got lucky. I drove around a bit with Bella to see what’s out there and low and behold, I found a fishmonger I had not noticed before, […]

Shrimp & Chili Broth With Rice Bucatini, Broccolini, Shrimp And Wood Ear Mushroom

> > Today’s  late breakfast consisted of some of my favorite ingredients: Bucatini, shrimp, fried onions, broccolini and wood ear’s. Used in one single dish made for a superior concoction I could eat any time of the day, seven day’s a week 🙂 Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > […]

“Milanesa” – Breaded Pork Cutlet, Bucatini & Hans’ Special Pasta Sauce

> > When  I was an apprentice in the black forest in the sixties, “Veal Chop Milanese” (Kalbskotelett Mailänder Art), a slightly different version of the milanesa on this post, was a very popular dish. It was one that I was hoping to be able to afford to eat when I finally became a cook and […]

Bucatini, Bologna, Tomato, Asiago & Egg ” Midnight Snack In Simpleland “

. . Yesterday  I had a very long workday without lunch or dinner. I finally came home at 9.00pm (I left the house at 5.00am, after two hours of walking Bella, breakfast, checking e-mail, etc) . First thing’s first, so I poured myself a glass of merlot and sat down to relax a few minutes […]