Beef Ribs Braised With Blueberries And Merlot, Served With Mafaldine & Pangrattato

> > > Blueberries in a beef-braise? If I didn’t know better, I would probably have rejected that idea too. But of course, I’ve cooked a similar dish before, so I am familiar with it. The reason blueberries are being used in a beef sauce is that when you need a good amount of sauce […]

Broiled Beef Ribs With Chimichurri And Hasselback Potato

> > Since  I don’t have an outside grill anymore, I “grill” (broil) all my grill dishes in my oven under the broiler on high heat. Cooking for myself only, this works great for me, it gives me the sought-after “Maillard Reaction”, requires no lengthy grill preparation and on top of all, saves a lot of cleaning effort 🙂 […]

Stir Fried Boneless Beef Ribs And Asparagus In Hoi Sin Sauce

> > I bought  these beauties to put them on the grill, but I had steak often lately so I changed my mind and prepared this tasty dish instead. I am glad I did, because it just hit the spot and left me happy with the choice I made. Just goes to show – the first […]

Tira De Asado – Argentinian Style Grilled Beef Ribs

“ “ Unfortunately,  most folks around the world will never enjoy this wonderful dish. Why? Because most people are convinced that beef ribs are only worth eating when they’ve been braised. While it is true that beef ribs are much tougher than most other parts of the  animal  (especially when cut thick the Argentinian way ) if […]

Braised Beef Ribs In Red Wine

> > ” Braised  beef ribs in red wine with potato gnocchi and vegetables in curry cream ” > I have prepared beef ribs in many different ways over the years, but , in my humble opinion, this preparation stands high above the rest. Just make sure you don’t skimp on the wine , both […]

Beef Ribs, My Way

. . ” Beef rib’s with fresh horseradish and cabbage, apple and avocado slaw” Boiled  (simmered, actually)  beef  has a long tradition in many cultures. Usually, we boil brisket, neck. shanks, cheeks, tail, and any other part which is rich with fat and / or connective tissue. There is only one rule : Slowly does it ! […]

Fried Beef Ribs

> > Another  one to shock beef rib traditionalist’s, who will never know what marvel they are missing  😦 > > > Simmer ribs. Debone ribs. Give bones to Bella and all her friend’s. Season ribs with salt, pepper, lime. Apply standard breading. Fry. Serve with salad, horseradish, chili sauce. Eat. Be happy. Life is […]

Teriyaki Beef Ribs

. . Rarely,  if ever, have I had the audacity to pronounce any dish I created “perfect” Great –  yes; superb –  yes; my absolute favorite – yes; outstanding – yes; But to say one can not improve upon a dish usually indicates stupidity, arrogance, ignorance or all of the above. However, the ribs I […]

” Braised Beef Ribs, Vegetables & Potatoes “

. . Yesterday’s dinner.  After that, I probably should not eat at all today ?     😦 . . . . Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! . . 

Braised Beef Back Ribs With Glazed Baby Rainbow Carrots

> All chef’s, once in a while : WTF did I come in here for ??? 🙂 > > Once in a while, I come across an unbelievable food bargain that I just MUST buy; these ribs are a typical example. I had to go downtown Miami this morning, so on the way back home, […]