Sliced Beef Shanks Braised In Merlot

> Shank’s of beef, veal, lamb, or game is perfectly suitable to be braised slowly in wine. The cooking liquid and gentle heat of slowly simmering breaks down the collagen, producing a wonderful texture and great flavor, unlike any other part of the animal. One can use the shank meat for stews, soups, goulash, bulalo, […]

Crappy Weather Food – Beef, Beans And Other Stuff

> Hurricane season has finally arrived in Florida, and boy, has it ARRIVED 😦 While God has spared us a hurricane so far, we had constant rainstorms for the past two weeks, resulting in extensive flooding, turning many streets into rivers and parking lots into lakes. Hearty food is the partial answer to that misery, […]

Braised Beef Back Ribs With Glazed Baby Rainbow Carrots

> All chef’s, once in a while : WTF did I come in here for ??? 🙂 > > Once in a while, I come across an unbelievable food bargain that I just MUST buy; these ribs are a typical example. I had to go downtown Miami this morning, so on the way back home, […]

East Meets West – Sauteed Beef With Bok Choy, Onions And Potatoes In Hoisin Sauce

> I could  have named this dish “Chinese Beef Stir Fry With Vegetables”, and it would also be absolutely correct. However, I named it  “Sautéed Beef With Bok Choy, Onions And Potatoes In Hoi Sin Sauce”, because I wanted to emphasize the fact that naming a dish that one creates, even if similar recipes exist, leaves one free […]

Beef Medallions, Gnocchi And Truffled Eggs

> > Gnocchi,  in a slightly different shape as the Italian version, are very popular in Germany, especially in the south – namely, in  Baden-Württemberg and Bayern. Our “Gnocchi” consist of the same basic ingredients, potatoes, flour and egg, but they are slightly different in shape -more elongated than the Italian version. We prepare them savory or […]

Bulalo (Kansi) Beef Marrow Bone Soup

> > The  first time I had the pleasure to eat this soup I fell in love with it. It was at “Pistang Filipino”, an open air arts and craft center in Manila. (Little did I know then (1974), that a few years later I would be living next door for nearly five years). However, during […]

Mongolian Beef

> > Fact: Mongolian Beef is not Chinese food. Fact: Mongolian Beef is not Mongolian food. Fact: Mongolian Beef is an American creation from the 40’s. Fact: Mongolian Beef can be pretty awful. Fact: Mongolian Beef can be pretty good. Fact: Mongolian Beef has a million and one recipes – different beef cuts, different vegetables, different sauce, […]

Beef Paillard And Chili Cheese Fries (Boss Level)

> > Beef  Paillard – when was the last time (if ever) you have seen that on a restaurant menu? (Or  chicken paillard  or  veal paillard ???) Chili cheese fries, on the other hand, can be found everywhere, at least here in America, although mostly and sadly in less than stellar variations of that beloved junk-food. Starting […]

Grilled Beef Tenderloin With Parmesan-Roasted Mushrooms

> > Usually, I don’t eat beef tenderloin anymore. It has become prohibitively expensive and most of the time I prefer the texture of bone-in rib eye anyway. However, yesterday was my time of the month (to go to my Argentine butcher). One of the specials he offered was the most beautifully aged, grass-fed beef tenderloin for a great […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 55 – Cauliflower And Beef Hash With Piquant Poached Egg

> > What’s  there to say about this breakfast other than that it was beautiful, delicious and satisfying – I believe the pictures speak for them self – start drooling 🙂 > Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! > > > More  Breakfast Of Champions  on  ChefsOpinion > More  Cauliflower  on  ChefsOpinion > > > > > […]