Fusilli Lunghi With Avocado And Sambal

> > > Two weeks ago I prepared avocado preserve. In the meantime I used most of it for breakfast, different egg preparations as well as different sidings such as focaccia, tortillas and rice. For today’s delicious pasta dish I used the last of the preserve. I am happy to say that the preserve held […]

Fresh Avocado Preserve

> < > Here in Florida we have wonderful locally grown Florida Choquette Avocados available, which generally are much larger than the typical California varieties and about 20% less oily. The texture, smell and taste is also different, and I prefer them to Haas anytime. (Of course, this is a personal preference and not based […]

Vacio (Beef Loin Flap), Sauteed Banana Peppers, Cherrie Peppers Relish and Mashed Avocado With Peruvian Salsa Ají Amarillo

> > > Vasio. This is yet another cut of beef which is not usually utilized for steaks outside of South America. Yet, if you visited South America and had a chance to sample it, you might agree with me that this is one of the best steaks in regards to texture and flavor. . […]

Fried Camembert With Avocado Salad, Salsa Verde, And Crisp Romaine Leaves

> > Seems like everybody loves fried camembert, yet few folks actually prepare it at home. Which is a mystery to me, since it is really quick and easy to prepare and it is versatile – it can be served as an appetizer, a main course or as a snack. Best of all, it is very economical. […]

Shrimp Cakes, Avocado Salad, Dill-Yogurt Sauce

> While  my stomach tells me that the larger the shrimp, the more I love the dish, my wallet sometimes pulls back the reins and tells me to take it easy 😦 So last week when I went to the store to buy shrimp for this dish, these small salad shrimp for $7.75 a pound […]

Salad Of Smoked Salmon, Avocado And Egg

> > When I got up this morning, I had a big craving for egg salad. During the day, in my head, I kept adding ingredients to the egg salad until finally, when it was time to prepare early dinner, this yummy concoction materialized 🙂 Very simple and straightforward, yet a real delicious and pretty […]

Chilled Spicy Cucumber And Avocado Bisque

> > Some  say the king of  cold soups is gazpacho and I, (for once) don’t argue 🙂 Sadly, these days the traditional custom of having a soup before a main course as part of a menu has mostly disappeared, especially here in North America. Even for special, celebratory dinners, soup is usually an afterthought, and chilled […]

Breakfast Of Champions # 53 – Burrito With Scrambled Eggs, Re-fried Beans And Avocado

> > Today’s  breakfast – another winner, easily whipped up in minutes.  (Assuming you have some leftover re-fried beans at hand). If you don’t, just replace the re-fried beans with sautéed red beans, black beans or even chick peas (garbanzos), seasoned with cumin, kosher salt cayenne, garlic paste and diced onion, which will only just add a […]

Belgian Endive (Frissee) With Avocado, Egg & Japanese Broiled Eel (Unagi Kaba-Yaki)

> > Who  can resist Unagi Kaba-Yaki when it’s displayed in the front-row of the specialty section in one’s neighborhood fish market ? I certainly can’t, so today I got to enjoy preparing and consuming (sharing the eel and avocado with Bella) this wonderful, light and tasty salad, accompanied by a few pieces of  Knäckebrot. > Bon […]