Breakfast of Champions # 73 – Schwäbisches Bauernfrühstück ( Swabian Farmers Breakfast )

: : : If you wonder what constitutes a “Farmers Breakfast”, the answer is simple – anything that farmers usually, or often, ate for breakfast. Keep in mind that in times past, this more often than not was food which did not have to be bought in stores (there was little or no cash, people […]

Schwäbischer Zwiebelkuchen (Swabian Onion Tart/Pie/Cake)

> > Schwäbischer Zwiebelkuchen is usually eaten in late Summer and early Fall, typically served with new wine, but fans (there are legions of them, including myself), will eat it year-round. As with any “traditional/classic” dish which is mostly prepared at home, there are many variations, most of them excellent. After all, it is pretty […]

Black Pudding And Potato Salad Turnovers…..(Schwäbishe Teigtaschen Mit Blutwurst, Kartoffelsalat Und Röstzwiebeln)

> > These  pretty babies are a happy concoction of some of my beloved food items : Blutwurst ( black pudding/blood pudding/morcilla), Swabian potato salad (schwäbisher kartoffel salad), röstzwiebeln (smothered or fried onions), good quality mustard, fiery chilies, and thin sheets of dough to wrap it all and bake to crispy goodness. 🙂 > Bon Appétit !   Life […]

Panko Coated Flounder Fillet With Shrimp And Cucumber-Potato Salad

> > While  I am a great fan of traditional breaded fish fillets, this version, without the egg as part of the breading, is more suitable for a thin and delicate fish fillet such as flounder. Adding the finely diced peppers and sliced scallions to the panko-crumbs give the fish added flavor, while adding rice flour to the […]

Schwäbisches Rotkraut Mit Kasseler Rippenspeer Und Knoblauchkartoffeln

> > Easy  now with the German tongue breaker – it’s just red cabbage with smoked pork loin and garlic potatoes, jawohl 🙂 > The secret to a good red cabbage (as well as sauerkraut) is to cook it long enough and to bind the juices, two simple steps that most cooks ignore. Unlike some […]

Schwäbischer Zwiebelrostbraten Mit Bratkartoffeln

> > There  are two way’s of preparing the onions for a traditional Schwäbischer Zwiebelrostbraten : Dusted with flour, then deep-fried until crisp (click here to see that version), or sautéed in the pan without the flour. While both versions are excellent, the one with the flour-dusted onions is usually prepared when larger quantities are required (the […]

EASY DOES IT # 24 – Potato Salad

> > This  potato salad is a far cry from the one I usually make at home, which is “Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat” (Swabian Potato Salad), which does not contain Mayo or any other “stuff” besides potatoes, onion, stock, salt, pepper, oil, vinegar and sometimes herbs and/or bacon. This one is a VERY different baby, but just […]

Schwäbischer Sauerbraten Mit Mafaldine Und Schmelze – Braised Beef In Red Wine & Vinegar Sauce

‘ “ I had  this beef marinated since last sunday, so today the day has finally come : Sauerbraten 🙂 I started cooking this at 10.30 an, so by 1 pm I was finally rewarded with this wonderful dish, which was as good as any beef dish can be. When I was a child, you […]

Schwäbischer Zwiebelrostbraten Mit Pommes Frites (Swabian Style Rib Eye & Fries)

> > One  of any true Swabian and Austrian favorite dishes, zwiebel rostbraten is usually served with spätzle and a small salad. For my lunch today I substituted the spätzle with “Hans Special Fries” and omitted the salad. I also added capers and a bit of the capers pickle liquid to the sauce. I have done that […]

Kaninchenbraten Mit Hausgemachten Spätzle (Rabbit With Pasta)

> > Last  week I bought myself a rabbit at my neighborhood supermarket. As I was about to prepare it, I started to think about the animal in my hand’s and about how we humans love and respect some animals, while we disregard the majority of most species as soulless, feelingless Beings, which have no […]