Cannellini And Potato Stew With Ham Hocks

> Cannellini And Potato Stew With Ham Hocks > > A Ham Hock / Stelze / Hough / Schweinshaxe /  Golonka / Sauhaxn / Stinco / Wädli / Fläsklägg or / Pork Knuckle is the joint between the tibia/fibula and the metatarsals of the foot of a pig, where the foot was attached to the hog‘s leg. It is the portion of the leg that is […]

Jamaican Black Bean Soup With Smoked Ham Hocks And Spinners

‘ ‘ Here  is another hearty recipe of wonderful comfort food. Many folks are familiar with Jamaican dumplings and some have become addicted to them like I have.  Although in their most basic form they are made of  just flour, water and salt, as part of a soup or stew they can be mind-boggling great because of their […]

Gebratene Schweinehaxe, Saure Linsen & Schnittlauchkartoffeln (Roast Pork Hock & Sour Lentils)

> > This  was the third and final Dish I made from the leftovers of the Roast Pork Ham I prepared on 25th December. (I’ll post # 1 next week) 🙂 It brought back memories of spit-roasted pork and veal hocks on food , beer and song filled evenings with friends, spend in “gemuetliche” (cozy) rustic restaurants in Swabia […]

Schweinehaxe (Pork Knuckle)

: : : Pork knuckles have many fans and admirers around the world, yet, despite so many folks loving to eat them in restaurants (especially German restaurants or, if the opportunity presents itself, at the most famous “Knucklefest” of them all, Munich’s Oktoberfest 🙂 , very few people prepare them at home, especially in the […]

Rôti De Porc Avec Sauce Au Cèpe Porcini

> > Rôti De Porc Avec Sauce Au Cèpe Porcini > > This  was the first “leftovers” dish I prepared from the “ROAST FRESH HAM WITH CARAWAY JUS” a few weeks back. Remember, to make this dish “lighter and healthier comfort food”, you must cut back on the portion size big time – the pictured portion should […]

Finkenwerder Meeresfrüchte Suppe – Seafood Soup Finkenwerder Style

“ “ Finkenwerder is part of Hamburg/Germany, famous (culinary wise) for its seafood restaurants. When I was a young cook back in the seventies, I worked part time in one of them (the name escapes me now) The restaurant was very elegant, expensive and beautiful. I remember many of the specialties we cooked there but the […]

Arrogance & Narcissism Of The Highest Order ?

.Michel Bras’ gargouillou, which René Redzepi has called one of the most copied Dear  Friend’s If you think the picture above shows a pretty presentation and is worth to pay a few bucks for in a nice restaurant, so that you have something to nibble on until the real food arrives, then we speak the same […]

” Old Fashioned Ice Cube Recipe “

> Two day’s ago the unthinkable happened : My ice maker went to ice makers heaven     😦 After the initial shock and the ensuing mourning, deep panic set in. Do I have to drink warm Ice tea  (“Warm Tea”) until the technician has fixed or replaced my old Ice Magician ? I am […]