$ 2,000.00 Tasting Menu – A Load Of Crap For Decadent Morons ?


ChefsOpinion on this topic : Decadent Morons 😦

Nothing wrong with the idea in general for a decent price, but in my opinion, anybody who is dumb enough to pay $ 2,ooo.oo per person for a (hopefully) good meal, elevator music and a crappy light show deserves to pay even more, how about $ 20,000.00. There seems to be an endless supply of idiots out there to which you can sell anything as long as few other people buy it (I wonder why),  ….but,  just watch the video and decide for yourself. 

Please click the link below to see a video and read about the article by Hillary Dixler on  Eater.com

Spanish Restaurant to Become World’s Most Expensive With a $2,000 Tasting Menu

Foto Source:Sublimotion / Eater.com

Foto Source:  Sublimotion. Eater.com


  1. You get what you pay for …..2000 us dollars per person is easily justifiable !

    • vega sicila “unico 1970
    tenuta san guiido sassica 1985
    jayer cros parantous 1985
    jaboulet hermatage la capelle 1978 or the 1961 or the 1990
    heitz martha vinyard napa valley cabernet sauvignon 1974
    giacomo conterno barolo monfortino 1978
    domaine de la romane’e conti la ta’che 1971
    cha’teau rayas cha;teauneuf -du-pape 1990
    chat’teau blanc 1947 or the 1982
    case basse di soldera brunello di montralcino riserva 1990

    Cold & Hot Canape’s
    Cold Hors d’ouvre
    Piece de Resista’nce
    Hot Entre’e
    Cold Entre’e
    Roast Poultry
    salad accoumpliment
    Sweet Cakes,Tarts
    Fruit &Cheese
    Cookies,Petits Fours
    Cognac,Sherry,Cigars ,Nuts
    then send it to me chefwilliamgibson……please comp me LOL

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  2. Any one who is willing to pay $2,000 for tasting food is welcome to visit my home and pay me that much for a taste of my home cooking. In fact, I’ll cut the price in half, and let two taste for the price of one.

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  3. Hans

    I agree, however it is you must admit an interesting idea. I would like to experience it but of course not for $2k combining not only the taste senses but also the senses of sound, light, visual, and emotion is really interesting. Great marketing, I don’t think this would fly if it were not in a casino where money is no object, and whether they make a profit or not is inconsequential.

    On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 5:09 PM, Chefsopini

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    1. Hi Alan,
      Of course it is a great idea.
      That,s why we all have done this for many years already:
      Sound- beautiful music, light – christal chandeliers and candles, emotions – always during a great meal, smells-flowers and the FOOD !, etc, etc.
      What bugged me the most is that they used overhead projectors, very amateurish and low tech. Nowadays we have giant LED tv’s which could be sealed, covered in scratch proof glass and used as tables…….but as usual, half baked ideas which will therefore be just a shortlived fad……
      Cheers 🙂


  4. I agree it is an interesting concept…however, in this current and prevailing econonmic climate
    most restaurant patrons are more savvy to costing and demand value for dollar.

    I’ve experienced several ‘Tasting-Oriented’ menu propositions over the years and they do attract a certain amount of interest. Unfortunately, they never generate enough revenue to sustain themselves. They’re generally impressive yes, but never quite profitable.

    One solution is to create a special ‘prix fixe’ menu from the ‘regular’ menu offerings, or go completely a’la carte. Although I must admit, the a’la carte sensibility has never been to my liking, personally speaking. American’s in particular do not favor the a’la carte notion unless it is in the form of a self-service ‘buffet’.

    These days, I would create a limited ‘tasting menu’ from items I would like to receive feedback from with a view to possible elevation to a regular menu selection, should demand prove popular and fiscally beneficial. Otherwise, introduce new items of interest via the daily ‘Chefs’ specials’. It is always going to be a matter of sizzle or fizzle, for my $2K per head it had better be a heck of a lot of sizzle.

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  5. As an afterthought…If I had $2K to toss away on a dinner, I’d much rather jet off to London for a weekend at Fortnum & Mason or loading up supplies at Harrod’s Food Hall. If not that, how about a ticket to Paris and dinner at La Tour d’Argent? Chocolate Souffle Grand Marnier and Cafe Maitre’d at Maxim’s? Are you with me Chef Hans? A little shopping at Le Bon Marche?

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    1. I started working on my ‘Bucket List’ about five years ago and managed to accomplish a good ninety percent of it. The trouble is, you keep discovering more and more things to add to the list as you go along, so you never really complete it. I found te best way to do your list is to share it with others whenever possible. It’s twice the fun, and it also becomes twice the list..

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  6. Events like this prove the adage that there is a sucker born every minute. It has nothing to do with the quality or creativity of the food, as much as bragging rights for the participant that they could throw away wads of cash on a whim. If you need a way to broadcast that you are nouveau riche, this is about as good as it gets.

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