Caesar Salad “Royal”



No such thing as a Caesar Salad “Royal” you say?
Maybe up until around noon today you were right. But, after I made myself a traditional caesar salad for lunch and looked at it with hungry eyes (Bella too) , we felt the strong need to embellish the salad somewhat and this was the result :

Trim and wash  romaine lettuce, cut into your preferred size or leave individual leafs whole. Prepare thinly sliced toast of your favorite bread. For the dressing, mash anchovy filets in a bowl, add egg yolks, roasted garlic pure, lemon juice, salt and cayenne pepper and in a slow, steady stream add good quality olive oil until you have a dressing the texture of  mayonnaise. Add some finely grated parmigiano reggiano, mix well. Adjust taste and texture if necessary. Mix romaine with the dressing, arrange on serving dish. If you love anchovies (I do), top salad with additional filets. Sprinkle with finely grated or finely shaved parmigiano reggiano. Serve toast on the side.     Voilà – Caesar Salad.

For Caesar Salad “Royal”, add the following items :
Prosciutto ham, salame, brie cheese, asiago cheese, manchego cheese, grape tomatoes, chives.     Voilà – Caesar Salad “Royal”

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !

Caesar Salad “Imperial” coming up soon. ( Think crab legs, lobster, shrimp, caviar, etc) 🙂

Ceasar Salad "Royal"

Ceasar Salad “Royal”




  1. Hi Art,
    For some folks the anchovies (depending on the amount you want to use) provide enough seasoning.
    For everybody else I wrote : “Adjust taste and texture if necessary”.
    Cheers 🙂


  2. Hi Hans,your ceasar Salad sounds great.People should use Anchovies Paste the Taste is better to Control.
    I must tell you what i tried recently.You no the can not use raw Eggs any more inthe Home made Dressing for Ceasar Salad.So,i mixed the Romain with a Garlic Dressing,
    added warm coated Romano Cheese Croutons and topped the Salad with a warm
    medium Poached Egg and laced the Egg with Catalina Dressing for Color.It was a HIT.
    I need a right Name now.Culinary greetings-Cheers ROLF!


  3. Hi Hans,
    you have got a great salad!! Congratulations for your innitiative.
    For any Cesar Salad the very important thing it’s Cesar anchovy sous, if you have that… can make your own “Imagine” & “favourite” salad!!!
    Well done my friend
    Pablo Valente


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