Poached Chicken, Arugula, Strawberry & Pomegranate

This  dish was a bit unusual for me to prepare for myself, (fru fru ?  🙂  , but I had this craving for poached  chicken  with a twist. I really enjoyed the combination of chicken with: spicy  (chili oil, green peppercorn), sweet  (strawberries, pomegranate), slightly bitter ( arugula) and acidic  (lime juice). All in all, a successful dish which I will surely prepare again  🙂

Poach the chicken in seasoned water until just done, still very juicy but cooked through.   ( Remove from simmering liquid at 162F. Cover loosely and let chicken rest  for 10 minutes. The carry-over heat will take it to a safe 165F without giving it a chance to dry out ).  Drizzle with chili oil mixed with a bit of soy sauce and lime and sprinkle with sauteed green peppercorn. Serve with salad and fruit of your choice .

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !



  1. I’m sure this is a healthy way to prepare chicken and I believe you when you said it tasted good- but geeze it sure doesn’t look very appetizing. I must add thought that I’ve also never boiled chicken unless it was going into a stew, casserole or soup and can’t fathom having a craving for boiled chicken. I guess I better give it a try and see if I’m missing something.


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