” Salmon Parisienne, Bean & Mushroom Ragout “


When I cooked this dish last knight I realized that I have not seen anything ” a la Parisienne ” on a menu for many years. What a shame that so many classic dishes and methods simply disappear from the repertoire of our younger chef’s. Granted, old fashioned and steeped in tradition might not be practical or popular on a daily basis. But I feel we should not completely stop to learn and enjoy the classics. How long before we all get sick and tired of the one hundred’st version of grilled fish with salsa ? Let’s mix it up a bit ! Mix the classics with the modern,  the traditional with the new, the tried and proven with the daring  🙂 I vote for a greater repertoire for our younger food enthusiasts in order to keep the spirit of our  culinary profession vibrant and alive !


Ingredients :

Salmon filet,                     cleaned, skinless, marinated w.salt. pepper, lime juice
Whole egg,                        to dip fish
Flour,                                  to dust fish
Butter,                                 to saute fish

Baby portabellas,            quartered
White beans,                    cooked
Red peppers,                     finely diced
Garlic,                                paste
Onion,                               diced
Scallion,                            sliced
Scallion ,                           whole
Salt,                                    to taste
Cayenne pepper,             to taste
Butter,                                to saute vegetables

Method :

dredge seasoned fish in flour, coat with whisked egg, saute until
egg is tender and fish is cooked but still juicy. Remove to absorbent paper.

Saute onion and mushroom in butter until onions are translucent and
mushrooms start to brown.
Add Garlic paste, saute another minute. Add peppers, whole and sliced
scallions and seasoning.
To plate, put ragout on plate, top with salmon and garnish with whole scallion.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


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