Three Minute “Gourmet” Meal

I got home today totally exhausted,
deprived of sleep last night and just too bummed out
to be enthusiastic about being in the kitchen and on
my feet any more time then absolutely necessary.
The solution: My favorite three minute gourmet meal  🙂

” Octopus, mussels and romaine salad “



The key to the success of this dish is to use the best
ingredients available. Please note that while there are a lot of
crappy canned and frozen food‘s out there, there are also some
pretty amazing items available which make it a snap to produce
a wonderful, high quality meal on the fly when, for whatever reason,
time restraints and / or other restrictions prevent you from using the
ideal fresh product.

Ingredient‘s :

Romaine lettuce,          sliced
Octopus,                         canned, drained
Mussels,                         canned, drained
Grape tomatoes,           halved
Radishes,                       sliced
Onions,                          sliced
Basil,                               freeze dried  (Litehouse)
Oregano                         freeze dried  (Litehouse)
Fuji apple dressing      bottled  (Litehouse)
Sangria dressing          bottled  (Litehouse)
Salt                                   to taste
Cayenne pepper            to taste
Granulated garlic         to taste

Method :

Mix all ingredients carefully so as not to break up the delicate mussels.
Serve with jalapeno / cheese sour dough bread.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


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