” Useless – Or Worth The Trouble ? “

Useless – or worth the trouble?  
– trying to keep the “flame of excellence” going
for the next generation of cooks!

By Chef Hans Susser, CEC . CHE

Lately that’s a question that pops up, both in my head and during conversations with other experienced chefs, more and more frequently. Why do we do it and for what? Obviously the general impression of many old timer’s is that the younger generations “just don’t give a hood” anymore. While this might be increasingly true due to circumstances, I am happy to report that when we really look, we still see the diamonds in the rough being there, right under our eyes. Yes, they might be harder to spot because of the circumstances surrounding them (and sometimes us), but they are certainly out there. Maybe their numbers have been dwindling, but maybe this happened partially because we have stopped looking? If you need an expert about frustration, you found him right here. But then again, who are we to judge others when we fall into the same category. So, colleagues, both educators and especially professionals out there in the “real world” – keep on searching. We are getting paid to do so, but we should really be doing more because that is what set’s us apart from the mediocre rest that we so wholeheartedly criticize. The flame is still burning under our guard, so let’s keep it going, never to give up. Let the fuel be our knowledge, skills and care for our beloved profession. No flame can burn on hot air alone as so many wannabe “chefs” out there believe. One of the many sources of joy and satisfaction in our culinary profession is to discover that there are enough kids out there to carry on the flame in the future.
But for now, dear fellow chefs, don’t let the flame of excellence of culinary standards extinguish.

We, the REAL CHEFS, who possess the experience, knowledge and care, are still in charge to keep the flame burning – while we still can and care !


  1. As a new up and coming chef I would be much obliged if you did take the time to teach people like myself your wisdom. I believe that you can tell the difference between those of us with passion, desire, drive, and determination and those with out. Again I would appreciate the passing of the torch and would do what is necessary to insure it keeps burning for years to come. Thank you.


    1. Matt, my advise to yo in short form is simple :
      Figure out your professional goals, then stick to them, no matter how hard the road to
      success sometimes will be.
      But be aware, as you grow older and your life-circumstances will alter, don’t be scared or embarrassed to change your goals accordingly.
      Good luck on your way to success and satisfaction 🙂


  2. Performance, and performance alone, dictates the predator in ANY food chain! Unfortunately, The predator and prey are hard to distinguish anymore…but as aforementioned… the fire inside us still sets us apart from the sheep! Thank you for your thoughts, Chef.


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