Pizza declared a vegetable by congress ?

In what kind of a twisted world do we live when this debate actually takes place in a
so called first world country ?
Not in Cuba, not in Bangladesh, not in some god forsaken wannabe country.
No, it is happening right here in America !

Excerpt from ” Time NewsFeed ” :

Okay, so Congress never actually declared pizza a vegetable during
last year’s legislative battle over school lunches.
But they might as well have:
by declaring that an eighth of a cup of tomato paste is worth as much nutritionally
as a half a cup of vegetable
the new rules opened a loophole that has given pizza vegetable-like status in
school lunchrooms nationwide.
Now, however,  a Congressman from Colorado is fighting back.

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One comment

  1. Thank god for the Colorado congressmen. As delicious as pizza can be it has to be one of the more unhealthy foods we as americans eat. The only way it could be worse is if we fried the dough in bacon fat first. However that sounds artery clogging good.

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