Grilled Portuguese Sardines

During  the time Maria and I were living in Madeira, Portugal,  we usually had grilled sardines at least twice a week. There was this beautiful restaurant, built into a cave in the rock’s below our apartment building, just a three minute walk, which served these wonderful, fresh, juicy, tasty sardines off a wood fired grill. Adorned with just lemon wedges, a small green salad with onions and rustic sour dough bread, this was the perfect meal every time and I remember them very fondly, both for the great food, as well as the romance the surroundings provided to Maria and I.
I usually had all my dinner’s in Madeira with a bottle (or two) of Gatão Vinho Verde, while Maria usually stuck to her diet coke.
While shopping for food on saturday, I came across these great looking (frozen) Portuguese sardines and I just had to get them. I prepared them the way they are usually prepared in simple restaurant’s and homes by the sea – some sea salt inside and out, brushed with olive oil and quickly grilled or sauteed. Then a squirt of lemon or lime and voilà - sardine heaven.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !

- and yes, Bella and I had all twelve of them at once…….. :-)

Grilled Portuguese Sardines

Grilled Portuguese Sardines


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21 comments on “Grilled Portuguese Sardines

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  2. Russ says:

    I love these babies I ate them almost every week when I was working in Faro,Portugal in 2010!!YUM Simple fish grill or cooked simply , no mucking about !!

  3. Dee Dee says:

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories Chef Hans!

  4. Edwina Wronski says:

    I love this dish! Just will have to look for the fish

  5. Edwina Wronski says:

    Thanks for the tip, will check out

  6. Dee Dee says:

    A sleepless night here in San Antonio, TX, and I find myself looking at your grilled sardines…..what is wrong with this picture? NOTHING…except there are no stores open at this hour!

  7. Ed Wetschler says:

    At our supermarket I’ve been staring at frozen sardines that are about 8 inches long. So those are okay, huh? They won’t be mushy when I defrost them?

  8. Warren says:

    awesome thanks Chef

  9. Hans Susser says:

    Dee Dee, there is alway’s tomorrow :-)

  10. Hans Susser says:

    Hope it works now, Beat :-) Cheers

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