” Asiago Crusted Pork Chop & Brussel Sprouts “

Here I am tonight, thinking  ” what  can I do with those lovely brussel sprouts ? “
Lovely brussel sprouts ??? !
I used to hate them with a passion, but boy oh boy, has that changed.
Now they are one of my favorite vegetables and I am glad I got some in the fridge
today, because they pair so nicely with my breaded pork chop.
Usually I saute my sprouts with bacon, but I felt I had enough pork on my plate today.
Great, tasty dish and the bone made bella happy   :-)


Ingredient’s :

Pork chop,
Asiago cheese,                     finely grated
Panko bread crumbs,
AP flour,
Egg,                                         whisked
Cayenne ,                               to taste
Salt,                                         to taste
Olive oil,                                for  sauteing

Brussel Sprout‘s                  blanched, halved
Roasted garlic,                     paste
Salt,                                         to taste
Cayenne,                                to taste
Nutmeg,                                 to taste
Butter,                                     for  sauteing

Method :

Season pork chop with salt and cayenne.
Blend panko and flour 50% each.
Bread Chop by dusting in flour, then coating with egg
and finally with the  panko / flour mix.
Sautee until center reaches 158 degrees, rest on absorbent paper.

Saute garlic in butter until fragrant, add brussel sprout’s and seasoning
and  saute until heated through. To serve, top pork chop with fried parsley.

Bon Appetit !    Life is Good !

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8 comments on “” Asiago Crusted Pork Chop & Brussel Sprouts “

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  2. looks great!
    do you score the stem of your sprouts? I have found that helps the stem cook a bit faster so the sprout dosent over cook.

  3. heididmedina says:

    This looks awesome. I make a version of this as well. I toss my brussel sprouts in olive oil with seasalt and black pepper then grill or broil them. Yummy :)

  4. Edwina Wronski says:

    Does that look Yummy! I’m like you have grown to enjoy eatting brussel sprouts!

  5. Hans Susser says:

    Edwina, good thing we all grow up eventually :-)

  6. sybaritica says:

    Excellent meal … We can’t always get Asiago here but I love cooking with it.

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